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Complete Legal Help for Seniors!

Complete Legal Help for Seniors!

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Houston Elder, Senior Care Services

Advocate Legal Senior Center offers a comprehensive array of senior, elder care services. Our primary focus is Guardianship programs. However, our services include programs that advocate better living for Seniors. Our Houston office has legal experts to assist in legal matters regarding Seniors. And our staff is knowledgeable on programs that doesn't require legal intervention


Below is a list of services that we provide. However, it's not limited to these services. Please contact our office for your particular issue concerning a Senior.

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requesting services from city, state, and federal governments

legal information

guardianship training programs

public benefits checkups

applications for public benefits

assistance with housing code enforcement

drafting consumer complaint letters

referrals to social service agencies

assistance filing small claims cases

power of attorney documents

requests for vital records

assistance arranging for other services

Programs help seniors, deserve funding

Legal Services' Goal: Empower the Poor, for Free

Guardianship Assistance Act

Pro Bono

Advocate Legal Senior Center

Offers Pro Bono/ Sliding  Scale

Legal Services

News & Events

It's Complicated!       Make it Simple.

Advocate Legal Senior Center

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