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Houston Senior Consumer Protection

As a crusader of Seniors’ rights and protection, Ms. Norma Bradley of Advocate Legal Senior Center is passionate about solving and preventing Senior Consumer abuse. There are many abuse factors concerning Seniors. As they get older, Seniors need protection from certain relatives and the general public.

The purpose of this is to provide an overview of various types of Consumer fraud issues to Seniors in the Houston area and statewide. It is not an exhaustive list, but rather is meant to provide information for Seniors, Veterans, and the disabled. When you choose Advocate Senior Legal Center, we will conduct a needs assessment. Each Senior’s issue is different from the other.

Do you know that you are entitled to due process when a Senior is a victim of fraud? Let us help you start this process the right way. These processes are, by definition, complicated, bureaucratic, and overwhelming for older adults and their families. We act as your means of access to these agencies and programs:

Abuse of the Elderly
Advocates for Residents of Nursing Homes, by State
Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly
Training for Guardianship
Consumer Protection Offices
Elder Rights Protection
Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection Page
Financial Crimes Against the Elderly
H.E.L.P. – Helping People Meet Aging-Related Legal and Care Challenges
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (Administration on Aging)
Medicare Fraud: Detection and Prevention
Social Security – Protect Your Social Security Number
Social Security – Report Fraud
Telephone Assistance
Cash Assistance – Social Security

Each one of the above mentioned consumer areas is designed to concentrate of rectifying a wrong to right for seniors. These consumer areas not only address fraud, they will also address consumer rights for Seniors. Again, this is NOT all programs available.

Contact our office and we will assist you in finding the right program for your Senior!

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